Neverending Story

Licence: GNU General Public License
Version: 1.0
Requires: PHP5.1
Description: This script enables the user to write a story together.

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Neverending Story enables the users to write a story together. The first user writes a short story with two possible endings. The next user continues this story with one of the possible endings and ends up his posting with two possibilities to continue just as well. Thus a lot of small stories are developed, none of them like another.


  • Simple templatesystem, very flexible design
  • Strict modular build, simple integration in existing systems
  • A bunch of different permissions (Read-, Write-, Edit- and Delete-Permission)
  • Easy to use and Web 2.0 look and feel because of highly used JavaScript web technologies, but still working without JS
  • WYSIWYG by integrating TinyMCE
  • Overview in tree view
  • Available in two languages (german and english)


  • 0.1 (Download *.zip - 12 KB)

    • Only available in german.