Elgg Chat Plug-In

License: GNU General Public License
Version: 1.7.0
Requires: >= PHP 5
Description: Integrate an Ajax-Chat in the Elgg-Environment.

PhpFreeChat in Elgg
PhpFreeChat in Elgg Zoom


Elgg is a very flexible and powerful OpenSource - Social Network. This PlugIn integrates a slightly modified version of PhpFreeChat (OpenSource too) in that environment. With v1.2.2 there are a lot of new options in the admin interface to customize your chat in the way you like.

Please check the required configuration for PhpFreeChat before installing the plugin.


You're able to customize your chat plugin via elgg's tool administration page. If that is not enough for your intention and you have to touch code, please keep following points in mind.

  • In order to avoid conflicts between jQuery and Prototype, the $-function had to be overwritten with a function named proto(), which provides the same functionality. Please keep this in mind when you install new phpfreechat themes that access to the $-function of prototype.
  • When you want to display the real name (not the username) in the chat, you could do that by changing the assignment to $params['nick'] in chat/pfc/index.php (by using name instead of username). However please note that the profile link in the buddy list won't work anymore.


Since version 1.2 the version of Elgg and this plugin are synchronous. This means that the Chatplugin 1.x.y is the y-th release under Elgg 1.x.



  • 1.7.0 (Download *.tar.gz - 548 KB)

    • Upgrade to pfc 1.3
    • Fix autojoin issues in ie8 when not using the embedded mode
    • You can now choose the language via chat tool settings
    • Remove conflicts between prototype and jquery (fixes some IE-related issues)
    • Compatible with elgg 1.7.1
    • few spelling mistakes
  • 1.2.3 (Download *.tar.gz - 512 KB)

    • Choosing container was broken
    • File is the default container now
  • 1.2.2 (Download *.tar.gz - 512 KB)

    • Extend admin page: choose container (MySQL or flat files)
    • Chat can be opened embbeded in page or in a new popup window
    • Choosing chat theme in admin interface
    • Define default chatrooms in admin interface
    • For logged in user: remove from common menu and add to topbar
    • color chat icon in topbar if there was chat activity
    • Add access settings for the chat to the admin interface
  • 1.2.1 (Download *.tar.gz - 508 KB)

    • User not logged in could access the chat.
  • 0.2 (Download *.tar.gz - 490 KB)

    • Compatible with Elgg 1.2
    • Upgrade to PhpFreeChat 1.2
  • 0.1 (Download *.zip - 931 KB)

    • This version has the same functional range like v0.2, but it is compatible with older Elggversions like 0.8.x.