Cellular Automata

Licence: GNU General Public License
Current Version: 2.0
Brief Description: celmac is a powerful simulator for two-dimensional Cellular Automata. The global function which determines the next state of each cell can be rewritten by the user via a simple programming language.

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celmac 2.0 was a part of a coursework to my University-entrance diploma (Abitur). celmac 2.0 is a very flexible simulator for Cellular Automata (CA). The previous version was optimized for two specific CAa, Game Of Life and Langton's Ant. celmac 2.0 is much more flexible as it allows to write the global function which determines the next state of each cell in a simple programming language. Furthermore, celmac 2.0 comes with a variety of helpful statistical tools which allow the analysis of discrete dynamical systems and their usage for producing random numbers.


  • English manual
  • Programming language for state transfer functions
  • Statistical tools
  • Cellular universe can be specified by size, topology and value set
  • Several wizards help you do create your own CA
  • Edit variables used in you're code at run time


The download contents the application itself, the manual and some templates to try out.