Visualizing Social Networks

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In WT 2009/10 I attended the course Software Engineering Practice (de) at the KIT. Therefore two fellow students (Mark Engel and Marc Typke) and I developed a web-based analysis tool for Social Networks, which we named SocialView. This tool reads data from a DBMS, extracts measures and visualizes them in a graph. For further specifications and features please consult the documents below.


The software uses a wide variety of current technologies. SocialView is based on the Google Webtoolkit 2.0, so it is written in Java and supports all major modern browser. It can be deployed on Apache Tomcat 6 and is tested running on Linux (Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)), Mac OS X and Windows 7. To access the database it uses JPA with the persistence provider EclipseLink. Logging is done by log4j. GraphViz and a proper JavaScript library CanViz undertake many tasks regarding graph visualization. We performed testing with JUnit and Selenium, which is a framework for browser GUI testing. Code coverage analysis was done with EclEmma.


The presentations are shortened by some pictures and slides to avoid license issues. Please note that these documents are only available in German.

Phase Person In Charge Documents
Requirements specification Mark Engel Requirements Specification, presentation
Design Felix Stahlberg Design Description, Presentation
Implementation Marc Typke Implementation Plan
Validation Felix Stahlberg Validation & Verification Plan, Presentation
Presentation Mark Engel, Felix Stahlberg Presentation